DIY ProjectsUnder Stairs Emergency Food Pantry Shelves DIY Project

Under Stairs Emergency Food Pantry Shelves DIY Project

This “Under Stairs Food Pantry Shelves DIY Project” will help you transform that unused space under the stairs into a place to store emergency preparedness food supplies.

Under Stairs Emergency Food Pantry Shelves DIY Project - The Homestead Survival - Pantry - Homesteading

First, you should sand the walls clean and smooth before painting it. Odds are, the home’s other owners may have just tried to cover the holes or dents inside with more paint. Then, get some 1×2 planks and screw it in the wall for shelving support. The size and shape of the closet will vary, so measure appropriately what your main boards should be. Shelves about 10-inches attached to 2×2 posts with small L brackets at the corners easily fasten a shelve’s supports. The shelves should be painted (if you want) before being installed.

If part of the wall is high, the shelves then can go up, but smaller in length. That is more space being made. If you can, add a light inside with a simple switch; a small LED light on the top the doorway inside can work. Trim and caulk it and you are done. More pantry shelves for you and all the canned goods that frees up the kitchen shelves.

Moving into a new home, you may want to add something that was not part of the buy that makes the house even better. A Do-It-Yourself project makes it homier. Space is a very common request when people look around. Closet space maximizes what can be kept in storage. The same applies with your pantries and keeping all the dry goods needed. If there is a small closet under the stairs, that is a good place to install some shelves.

Custom shelving built under a staircase can give you the “extra space ” you always wanted.

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