Natural RemediesUnderstanding Valerian Flowering Herb in Natural Remedies

Understanding Valerian Flowering Herb in Natural Remedies

This is a collection of interesting facts about Valerian flowering herb and it’s usage in natural remedies. Essential oils have been used by a variety of cultures all over the world. One of the reasons these oils are so popular is because the compounds found inside of them often have almost miraculous healing powers.

Understanding Valerian Flowering Herb in Natural Remedies

The essential oil from the Valerian Plant was first discovered during ancient times in Rome and Greece. Today, it is believed by many to help with the many conditions that afflict people. While more clinical studies are needed to confirm the results, many stand behind the results they have experienced.

Beneficial uses of the Extract of the Valerian Root

Compounds contained in the essential oils extracted from the root of the herbal Valerian Plant have anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. It has been recommended by many people for such conditions as insomnia, chronic anxiety, mood disorders, depression, tension and migraine type headaches.

Common uses of the Valerian Root Extract

Essential Oil

The essential oils that are contained within the leaves and roots of the Valerian plant. The oil when is extracted has yellowish-brown tint and a very pungent odor. The volatile essential oil contains several compounds that have potential medicinal uses, however it needs to be handled carefully. The water should never be boiling when preparing tea.   (Buy Here)


For medicinal purposes, an extract from the root of the Valerian Plant is put into capsule form and is taken as a herbal supplement. These supplements are used to help symptoms of insomnia and anxiety.  (Buy Here)

Leafy Greens for salads

Freshly picked leaves of the valerian plant can be combined with other leafy greens to create a unique salad. Pick them right out of your herb garden and toss them into your salad bowl. Serve them to your family or guests.  (Buy Seeds Here)

Herbal Tea

Another popular way of experiencing the relaxing benefits of the essential oils from the dried leaves. Just replace your usual tea with a teaspoon of Valerian tea with preparing you next cup of tea, then sit back and enjoy it.

Valerian Tea Recipe

We are including a simple herbal tea recipe for Valerian Tea  (Buy Here)

  1. Heat a cup of water until hot (not boiling)

  2. Steep one teaspoon of dried Valerian leaves (keep covered to prevent the escape of essential oil)

  3. To sweeten use small amounts of Stevia or Honey

  4. Cinnamon  may also be added for flavor

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