GardeningUnusual Seed Starting Supplies to Use in Garden

Unusual Seed Starting Supplies to Use in Garden

These unusual seed starting supplies to use in garden will make a frugal homestead gardener so happy. You can look around your home to find these items to be repurposed to begin your seedlings.

Unusual Seed Starting Supplies to Use in Garden

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The following are ten easy objects that can be used as a base to grow plants in. It can be placed indoors or outside, and it is very creative. They include:

• Eggshells – After emptying the yolk, fill the shell with soil in them with the seed. The inside of the shell has calcium, which is really good for plants.

• Egg Cartons – After using up the eggs, put soil in the empty carton as they are biodegradable.

• Disposable Cups – Besides drinking out of them at a party, put in coffee grounds that have been used.

• A Big Citrus Fruit – Mango, cantaloupe, orange, or anything citrus that is large enough to put in soil after the fruit has been squeezed out of its juice.

• Toilet Paper Rolls – Once used up, wrap them with a paper bag to cover one end and fill them with soil at the other.

• Ice Cream Cones – Don’t like eating the waffle cone? Then, clean out the ice cream remains and repeat from the others.

• Newspapers & Soup Cans – Cover the can with the paper to form the perfect cup to hold the seedlings.

• Ice Cube Trays – Just like water into ice, put soil in them – but obviously, do not stick it in the freezer.

• Two-Liter Soda Bottles – Cut the bottle in half, put water in the bottom portion, flip the end upside down with the cap slightly open, and fill the rest in. Submerge the cap so the soil gets water.

• Milk Jugs – Similar to the soda bottles, but only use the top portion. Hang it on a rack outside with soil inside.

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