CrochetUpcycle a Shirt into Crocheted Trim Cardigan

Upcycle a Shirt into Crocheted Trim Cardigan

The ability to upcycle a shirt into a crocheted trim cardigan is a great skill for a frugal homesteader.

Being self-sufficient means being ready to utilize everything in your closet. That includes the old t-shirts that you don’t wear much anymore.

Upcycle a Shirt into Crocheted Trim Cardigan

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One thing that is always useful is knowing how to alter clothing for multi-purposes.

What is even better is knowing how to upcycle clothing. This means taking a basic piece of clothing and giving it new life as an upgraded article to wear.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to up-cycle a t-shirt into a cardigan. The bottom line is that everyone has a closet, or boxes or drawers full of t-shirts. They are the everyday wear that we all love to throw on. If you have a stockpile of them that haven’t been used for a while, you may consider throwing them out. With this tutorial there is no need to create the extra waste!

Materials and Tools Needed:

An oversized T-shirt

Tape measure





Sock-weight yarn

A small crochet hook

I am going to give you the step-by-step tutorial on how to take your t-shirt and turn it into a cardigan for layered outerwear. You can easily dress it up to make a piece that goes over your newer t-shirt and still under your coat.

As everyone knows, layering is an important part of staying warm in colder weather. That’s why this is a project that is so valuable to the self-sufficient!

You’ll love how easy this is and you can get creative with it by using different t-shirts or even other embellishments. The choice is up to you. As a person who is getting ready for anything, the instructions are going to be helpful for you in a variety of different situations. Regardless of what happens, you’ll be ready for the future.

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Melissa Francis
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