CompostingUpcycle Fence Boards into Compost Bin DIY Project

Upcycle Fence Boards into Compost Bin DIY Project

How to upcycle fence boards into compost bin diy project is a truly frugal way to give those worn out fence boards a second functional way of being useful. It is a great design that encourages airflow as well as being sturdy.

Upcycle Fence Boards into Compost Bin DIY Project

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Building your compost bin made from recycled products like pallets or garbage cans is not as difficult as many may think. All those plant prunings, grass clippings, and other stuff in the yard can be easily recycled into compost. A black plastic orb can be used for composting, but it is too weighty to roll around as it quickly fills up with the wet material. You can simply make a sturdy bin that would be easier to use, accommodate more waste, would not compost itself, and would cost you little to nothing as you will not need to spend too much on materials.

Tools and Materials needed:




Tape measure


Redwood fencing


Wood Cut List:

4 each – 4x4x36″

8 each – 2x4x30″

18 each – ¾x3½x20″

18 each – ¾x3½x23″

4 each – ¾x¾x27″

72 each – 2×3½” parallelogram ( cut to 31.5°)

The plan for wooden compost often requires pressure-treated lumber, but using pesticides in the lumber is not too great on the soil and the compost. You can use any spare or unused redwood around your backyard to build a solid compost bin for your waste. Cedar or redwood are the top choices as they will keep your garden organic and safe, and they are also rot-resistant.

Upcycle Fence Boards into Compost Bin DIY Project Gardening
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The triple compost bin uses lumber, as it reduces the expense of using wood all around. Each side is made from wire hardware cloth, and you get to compost in stages as conveniently as possible. The removable wooden slats in front make the compost easy to turn and very accessible. You can stir with ease to the next bin or garden.

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