GardeningUpcycled Tin Can Vertical Garden Project

Upcycled Tin Can Vertical Garden Project

photo credit - CherishingSpaces
photo credit – Cherishing

This is amazing !
I myself will be making this project many times as Christmas gifts for next year.
Yes, it may be January but I am already thinking of next year.
When I find great projects I can do cheaply…. I make 10 of them then put them in a huge box in my craft room. I will do the same thing for each project I find throughout the year then by November I create gift baskets for each loved ones aka friends and family.

Items needed:

2 Cans
A pair of Tin Snips
A Hammer
A few Nails
Please wear thick leather gloves when cutting any metal…. put it this way – a 10$ pair of thick leather gloves is cheaper then a trip to the emergancy room or having to use a skin stapler ( look in the medical section if you don’t know what a skin stapler is)

Cut one in the above pattern in picture
With the 2nd can….
Take a hammer and slightly flatten one side then place it inside the can with the cut pattern.
Fill with dirt, seeds or a live plant and nail to the wall but loose enough to be able to remove the inner can.
You may want to hammer a few holes in the base of the can so water can drain out.

Click here to view picture:



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