DIY ProjectsUpdated Solar Water Heater from Stock Tank

Updated Solar Water Heater from Stock Tank

This detailed step by step tutorial of an updated solar water heater from a stock tank is an off the grid option to bring hot water to your cabin or outdoor shower.

DIY projects are a lot of fun, especially when they serve a useful purpose. A project that can help your homestead become more self sufficient and not hooked up to a utility company that is a monthly drain on your finances is a extreme win for your homestead..

Updated Solar Water Heater from Stock Tank

This tutorial is an update on a DIY project of a solar water heater. The original project was great and can still be built successfully. However, this update describes some changes and adjustments that have been made since that time to improve how the solar heater works.

Batch solar water heaters are a great way to collect and heat rain water or even to heat outdoor pools. While these work particularly well in places where winters are mild and the temperatures remain semi-hot all year round, they can be adjusted for almost any climate. This particular heater is perfect for those who experience warmer climates.

This is a unique tutorial because you have to have made the water heater from the first tutorial before these adjustments and changes make any sense. If you haven’t built the solar water heater yet, then you should definitely read through both tutorials first before starting on the first one.

The first tutorial can still be used for the construction side of the project, but this second version will help you refine your water heater. And since this is a great way to save you money, both short term and long term, then it’s definitely something you want to give a try.

Click here to read about how to build a Updated Solar Water Heater from Stock Tank Diy project:

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Melissa Francis
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