DIY ProjectsUpgrade a Curiosity Cabinet with a Makeover Project

Upgrade a Curiosity Cabinet with a Makeover Project

This amazing upgrade a curiosity cabinet with a makeover project is the perfect way to creature a one of a kind furniture piece that will fit into most any room decor. The project can be used to repurpose an old, worn out cabinet and with a bit of DIY skill and some supplies and material that can be gotten in a number of local stores.

Upgrade a Curiosity Cabinet with a Makeover Project

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The plan included is really easy to read and understand for most everyone and the result is absolutely amazing.

Refinishing old furniture is one of fastest growing segments of today’s DIY crowd. All one has to do is visit any of the many new furniture stores in the area to see why so many people either cannot afford to buy new furniture or just cannot find just the right piece that they are looking for. This often drives people to looking through garage sales and secondhand furniture stores looking for bargains. This DIY Project induces the reader to an unique idea for repurposing an old cabinet.

Benefits of reading and using the Curiosity Cabinet Makeover DIY Project

● The plan includes a complete list of all of the needed materials, supplies and tools

● The project also includes a fully downloadable step by step instruction guide

● There are numerous full color photos that provide a good visualization of the construction

The part of the project where you take a yard sale scroll picture frame cut into fourths to add as accent pieces in the corner of the shelves.

Click here to read about How to Upgrade a Curiosity Cabinet with a Makeover Project:

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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