WaterUse Dirty Used Bathroom Sink Water to Flush Toilet

Use Dirty Used Bathroom Sink Water to Flush Toilet

Use dirty used bathroom sink water to flush toilet is this fabulous design that conserves water by using it twice. Washing your hands or brushing your teeth is just the 1st step in the journey for your water stream. It will then flow down the drain and into the the upper top of the toilet tank. Once a person evacuates a bodily function into the base of the toilet bowl, simply flush the toilet.

This cutting edge design saves water and money in utility bills, making your family one step closer to self sufficiency.

Use Dirty Used Bathroom Sink Water to Flush Toilet

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The Aqus water saver system is a genuinely fascinating device that represents the American ingenuity. It’s inventor Mark Sanders came up with the design following his desire to stop the waste of water flowing via the sink drain at an early age. He succeeded in developing a system with the ability to collect the water and recycle it after a series of sketches of what it would look like. Sanders created a prototype that stores water coming from the sink for flushing the toilet.

His idea got the attention of a host of investors, and on its debut at the 2006 American Water Works Association Water Sources Conference went on to win the Vogt Invention and Innovation Fund Award. The device successfully passed its introduction as a professionals gave positive reviews about it before it appeared at West Coast Green, to a technically less critical audience.

The Aqus water saver system is designed to recycle sink water for flushing the toilet thus serving effectively as an alternative to the use of fresh water for the same purpose. It is intended for (either or) both retrofit and recent construction installation.

It is important to read through every instruction carefully before you begin the installation process after purchasing it. This article is a practical review and step by step guide (along with the basic equipment required to carry it out) on how complete the installation process.

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