Wild Food ForagingUse This Interactive Worldwide Wild Food Foraging Map

Use This Interactive Worldwide Wild Food Foraging Map

Use this interactive worldwide wild food foraging map to find fruits, vegetables, herbs and wild plants to reduce your grocery bill  and improve your health.

Use This Interactive Worldwide Wild Food Foraging Map
Use This Interactive Worldwide Wild Food Foraging Map

It is a common sight to see fruit fallen off of trees in a garden, neighborhood sidewalk or a green space. Isn’t it an environmental and social concern to see fruits, vegetables, herbs and wild plants going to waste when there are a lot of people that go to bed empty stomachs at night? I’m happy there’s someone who cares. Falling Fruits organization is an effort to preserve and help people find such wild foods so that them will not get wasted without serving their purpose.

They do not claim to be the pioneer of such effort but it is definitely the widest and most informative resource of information about billion of trees, gardens and green spaces around the world that need such consideration. The ever growing information is available on an interactive online map. Anyone can add a location to the extending information of a wild food source from anywhere around the world. People can also add pictures of that particular place, locate the nearest location of these trees, garden or green spaces that can make the search toward fruits searching easier. The information is open to access, easily downloadable and shareable. It will lift your spirits if you spread the word to help the organization with their mission and help the people who share the same purpose. The founders of this wonderful idea, Caleb Philips and Ethan Welty, are trying to get even more use of the technology by creating a mobile app of Falling Fruits to make it even more accessible for people on the go.

A large number of fruits go to waste mainly because of its quantity. These eatables are also ignored either because people do not know about their locations or if some of them do, they do not bother to pick them, as going to the food market to buy them is the only accessibility of food for them. Falling Fruits is striving to make a link between the human beings and their environment. Canned, stored fruits have different nutritional value than fruits without preservatives. It’s an effort of creating the required attention and communication between the people and their environment that is gradually being forgotten.

It is an attempt to make this food easily accessible. How wonderful would it be for these edibles to be consumed, to feed a hungry child? It is going to give the locals an access to eat freshly picked fruits throughout the year. It is an environmental and social effort to bring harmony within the locals while valuing these neglected edibles. Try going on a walk within your area to collect the fruits, vegetables, herbs and wild plants to reduce your grocery bill and improve your immune system.

Falling Trees wants people to join them with this effort to respect peoples’ privacy as they go on their fruit hunt. Picking up fruits do not mean doing it by invading someone’s privacy or trespassing. It is requested to people to ask the property owner for their consent before picking the ripe harvest. It is also recommended to collect only the amount that you would consume or preserve for food storage.


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