Natural Beauty RecipesUsing Honey for Glowing Skin and Gorgeous Hair

Using Honey for Glowing Skin and Gorgeous Hair

Using honey for glowing skin and gorgeous hair is an ancient natural beauty regiment ingredient that nourishes and super enriching.

Try it: Mix one teaspoon honey with a dime- sized amount of your favorite shampoo. Wash and lather as normal, and rinse well.

Using Honey for Glowing Skin and Gorgeous Hair

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Honey is a natural ingredient used in foods and other products for its health benefits and its natural sweetened taste. It is infused in so many things that the list is too long to write in one paragraph. As an absorbent, it can keep the skin hydrated at all times. Honey also prevents inflammation and radicals from harming the skin and scalp.

Here, this is what honey can do for skin and hair products and the recipes that can be made with it.

Honey can detox the hair caused by coloring chemicals and give the shine it usually has after shampoo and conditioning. Mix it with apple cider vinegar and coconut oil and it can act as a shield; simply stir it up with warm water, use it once a month, and store the extra in a jar in a cool and dry area. Coconut milk, along with castor and Vitamin E oil, can keep hair soft after showing with it every day. Honey + coconut oil + plain yogurt = a perfect conditioner.

Honey helps the skin during the process of healing itself from acne and shedding out the dead skin for a new one. Honey-based body and face scrub is what is called upon when exfoliating. Get caster sugar and orange essential oil along with the coconut oil. For chapped lips, get brown sugar and olive oil for an interesting (and tasty) oil balm. And, for a perfect face mask, mix honey with virgin coconut oil and aloe Vera gel. These are some of many ingredients for products of the skin and hair to make it all healthy again.

Let honey pulled through hair for 20 minutes, and rinse well. The humectant properties of honey help regulate and retain moisture in hair, plus honey is said to strengthen hair follicles for healthy growth.

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