Using Pool Shock to Purify Water

I know that some folks keep bleach on hand to be able to purify water in an emergency but did you know that bleach only has a half year life span. In this article you will see how it is better to keep pool shock because it never expires. Disaster can strike anytime whether natural or some household emergency. It is wise to stay prepared. There are different survival drills that we are taught along with preparing food storage in case circumstances become rough.

Using Pool Shock to Purify Water

The most important thing in times like these when a water crisis is going on with impure water. One may find himself in dilemma of how to minimize the risk to your health and that of your family. Bleach is the common sanitation product that is present is almost every household. But what most people are unaware of is that liquid bleach happens to have limited usable shelf life that may vary according to the storage conditions. Apart from that, it takes a lot of space too. You may find suggestions to use and store bleach for water purification everywhere. Here from Backdoor Survival is an incredibly easy way to make and store a calcium hypochlorite commonly known as pool shock for water purification purposes. With no smell or taste, it has almost lifelong shelf life. And guess what? It does not take much space too. A 1 pound package could treat thousands gallons of water! It could be used as a disinfectant and purification similar to liquid bleach but better!


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