Using Snares For Catching Hares


Great article on catching hares using snares. When I first began to write this I wondered why they are called hares, I mean they are rabbit no? So because I am always too nosy for my own good I had to go find out if they are the same and, nope, so not the same. They have a lot of differences, baby rabbits are called kittens and they are born blind and hairless. Their mother makes a nest for them and takes care of them until they are old enough to leave the nest. Baby hares are called leverets and are born with their eyes open and all of their fur and they begin moving around within a couple of hours after birth so the mother has them on the open ground and then just leaves them.

So yeah major differences ( and now we ALL know lol ) American Grouch shares info on how to find the hares when you go hunting them by showing you how to find their runs. Then he explains how to make the snares, detailing the wires he uses and how to set them up. He finishes with a recipe for cooking the hares that you may catch.


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