GardeningUsing Wood Ash in Homesteading Growing Garden

Using Wood Ash in Homesteading Growing Garden

Using wood ash in homesteading growing garden for an incredible bountiful harvest with delicious flavor is a great way to adjust PH of the soil for a more compatible growing environment.

Using Wood Ash in Homesteading Growing Garden - Homesteading _The Homestead Survival

You can use ashes from wood to spread it along the garden beds. Be careful of overdoing it because wood ash does increase in pH level. Wood ash is made up of 25% calcium carbonate, 3% potassium, and a combination of multiple elements including phosphorous, manganese, and zinc.Ash from hardwood trees is the best because it has a lot more elements than softwood trees, which are coniferous with sharp leaves. Ash from firewood can be used in organic gardening. However, do not use the ash from cardboard, painted wood, or wood coated with chemicals. It can be preserved for a longtime by placing them in sealed bags and away from moisture.

Wood ash is also great for compost. Ash adds nutrients like potassium and phosphorus, but don’t use it excessively because the pH level can change. If used properly, ash can repel pests from the ground as it can suck water out slugs and snails. Spread the ash around the garden bed or the base of a tree. Don’t give a thick layer; spread the ash out thinly. Don’t overdo it and spread it over carefully and occasionally.

But, there are things to consider when spreading ash from wood. First, ash is high in alkalinity, so wear eye protection and gloves. Wood ash with nitrogen fertilizers are not good to mix because they form ammonia gas, establishing a high pH level. Don’t scatter wood ash to seeds, leave it exposed to the rain, or put it on roses and potatoes. Use it carefully to improve your garden’s overall health.

When you are a frugal homesteader, use learn NEVER to waste anything. Everything has a purpose !

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