DessertsValentine Chocolate Hearts Low Carb Recipe

Valentine Chocolate Hearts Low Carb Recipe

Valentine chocolate hearts low carb, high fat recipe. Just in time to make some for your loved ones. These low carb hearts are sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth. They have a berry flavored cream cheese layer and a fruit jelly layer and they are topped off with dark chocolate. What could possibly be better than this combo. Make them with strawberries or raspberries (my favorite is the raspberry).

Valentine Chocolate Hearts Low Carb Recipe

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They are made with xylitol instead of sugar so there are no carbs but don’t treat your dog, xylitol is very bad for dogs. You make them in a silicone mold with heart shapes. It doesn’t take long although you do leave them in the fridge overnight. This recipe comes from Low Carb Island who has many recipes that are low carb high fat for anyone following that diet.

Even if you are not dieting I know a lot of folks don’t eat sugar so this is a perfect way to gift candy on the special day without any sugar. I think these would be pretty at Christmas as well in a Christmas mold and possibly even Easter for folks that don’t like to give the kids sugar.

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