HerbsValerian Root Sleep and Relaxation Tincture Recipe

Valerian Root Sleep and Relaxation Tincture Recipe

A Valerian Root sleep and relaxation tincture recipe is one of the most valuable recipe for ailments. Valerian is also used for conditions connected to anxiety and psychological stress including nervous asthma, hysterical states, excitability, fear of illness (hypochondria), headaches, migraine, and stomach upset. It is frequently combined with hops, lemon balm, or other herbs that also cause drowsiness.
Valerian Root Sleep and Relaxation Tincture Recipe

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Valium is probably one of the most routinely prescribed sedatives these days. Unfortunately, there are a number of potentially dangerous side effects associated with taking Valium. Another issue is that it is also potentially addictive, which for many that makes it an unacceptable option. There is however a holistic alternative that is gaining popularity called Valerian Root.

It is considered extremely safe and according to the Botanical Safety Handbook, it is a Safety Class 1 herb. This means it is considered safe for consumption.

The article was designed to introduce the reader to Valerian Root Tincture, the preferred preparation for its use. It explains that unlike Valium which should not be taken during pregnancy, Valerian Root Tincture has been found to be safe. The first part of the article describes the origins of Valerian Root and it ends with a recipe for creating your own Valerian Root Tincture.


1 part dried Valerian Root (Valeriana officinalis)

2 parts Vodka

Benefits of reading the Make Nature’s Valium To Put You Straight To Sleep

● The article includes a recipe with all of the ingredients necessary to make it

● It also includes an easy to follow step by step instruction guide

● It has several full color photos that depict several stages of the preparation

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