RecipesVegan Pot Pie With Spring Vegetables

Vegan Pot Pie With Spring Vegetables

After waiting all winter to have a garden again I know many of us really enjoy the first vegetables that come from the garden. Even folks who don’t garden must be happy to see the produce section fill up with fresh spring vegetables. What better way to enjoy those delicious frist veggies than in a pot pie. This recipe is for a vegan pot pie and calls for tofu as the protein but also says that can be replaced with beef or chicken if the meat eaters prefer. While I do eat mean and no longer eat tofu. I could enjoy this pot pie with only vegetables for a meat less meal. I try to have at least one or two meat less meals every week  for two reasons. First I think it is better for our bodies to not load it down with meat every day and also by having a couple of meat less meals each week I can spend just a little more of the beef that we love to have. This recipe is shared by Feasting at Home and it looks really yummy.


If you are looking for a meatier pot pie this Steak & Mushroom Pot Pie is super delicious and we make it often. If you would rather have chicken check out this recipe for Chicken Pot Pie in Mason Jars. You could use your fresh spring vegetables in either of these and the mason jar makes the chicken pot pie an easy way to take it for lunch. Pot pies are a nice way to have a whole meal in one and to make sure everyone eats their vegetables. I think even most kids love pot pies.


Get this recipe>>>>>>   Vegan Pot Pie With Spring Vegetables

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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