HolidaysVegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes Even Gravy

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes Even Gravy

If you are vegetarian or will be having guests that are for Thanksgiving, you may need some vegetarian dishes to serve. It can be hard to come up with ideas for vegetarian dishes on a normal day but you want to serve special dishes on holidays. Sure you can serve some mashed potatoes and maybe some green beans but it is Thanksgiving after all.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes Even Gravy

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Here you can choose from vegans shepherds pie, onion rosemary tart or New England apple cheddar galette. And there are still 40 something recipes to choose from so you know you won’t be boring your vegetarian guests with these awesome recipes. This is a list of fifty vegetarian dishes that you can add to your Thanksgiving table for any and all vegetarians that may be there. There are even gravy recipes because whats mashed potatoes without some gravy. Oh My Veggies shares the round-up and is sure to make a lot of vegetarians very happy and just as stuffed as all of us turkey eaters are every year. Some of these recipes look scrumptious to me and I am not vegetarian so meat eaters may want to check these out as well. Even if you are serving meat you still need side dishes and some of these look yummy.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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