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Vehicle Rear Bumper with Swing Arm Spare Tire DIY Project – Homestead Survival

This Vehicle Rear Bumper with Swing Arm Spare Tire DIY Project with beef up the impact security on the back of your SUV, Jeep, Truck or even your car. Heavy Duty rear bumper with swing out arm for spare tire and even some storage.

Vehicle Rear Bumper with Swing Arm Spare Tire DIY Project - The Homestead Survival - Emergency Bug Out - Survival

Modern SUVs are not built with a tire mount on the back of the car or a throwback to having a metal rear bumper. For those who like to drive off-road,having a metal bumper and a rear swing is beneficial. Having that tire mount is very helpful because it makes access to that spare tire easier and that drivers can see if all tires are the same size. Getting the spare tire is not as bad as it being under the car when it is stuck in the mud. So, for the off-road drivers, they want the old way in being safe and having the power to change a tire quickly. Get a welder, angle grinder, protractor, hammer, different types of saws, a socket set, and multiple clamps.



Angle grinder




Chop saw

Skill saw


Socket set

Clamps, lots of clamps

It’s a long project with it being very time consuming, but the end game is a wonderful addition to the car’s body. Build a bumper that will shield your SUV without the need to carry things on the roof rack. It should be strong to take a simple hit; it won’t help with a bigger fender bender from a bigger vehicle, but it will help if you back into a tree or rocky wall. This should be attached on the SUV. You will also need to decide what to take out to make room for the new bumper. Add the swing out and you will need to attach to the bumper because its extra weight on top of it bumper and to the roof.

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