ChickensVertical Homesteading Chicken Coop DIY Project

Vertical Homesteading Chicken Coop DIY Project

How to build a Vertical Homesteading Chicken Coop DIY Project is detailed in this step by step tutorial.

* How to Build an Awesome Vertical Chicken Coop:

1. Sketch a preliminary drawing of the chicken coop which will serve as your guide for the chicken coop construction process. Planning is very important to help you prepare the right materials needed.

2. For this particular coop project, the main dimensions of the structure are 6 feet by 6 feet. For the floor support, it’s 2ft x 6ft with support hangers and includes 4ft by 4ft posts in the corners. The posts are buried for about 2 feet and were then concreted in place.

3. Basically, the coop was designed like a house. The back wall was designed with a door opening.

4. Next was the egg box wall. Of all the walls, this one is the most difficult to construct. It came with a window opening.

5. Then the walls were completed and sheathed, and the roof rafters were placed.

6. The next stage was the egg box construction. Talk about over framing, the box can support up to 200 pounds of weight.

7. For the roof, the material used was Ondura. It was a bit expensive but it is sturdy and easy to install. The roof was designed carefully so rain doesn’t get in.

8. Finally, the chicken coop was painted.

Overall, this chicken coop may be a bit a burst of welcome color but none the less it is solid, and it doesn’t hurt that it absolutely looks awesome.

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Melissa Francis
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