CraftsVertical Stack of Garden Pots Bird Bath Project

Vertical Stack of Garden Pots Bird Bath Project

This vertical stack of garden pots bird bath project is detailed in this step by step tutorial of how to build inexpensively. You can choose some of the cutest yet functional designs to make your backyard, your own. One such way is through the cutest little bird bath you may ever see or make on your own. You will find the instructions below, which are so easy to follow.
Vertical Stack of Garden Pots Bird Bath Project

What makes this bird bath so much better than all the others you may come across?

It also works as a planter for several different flowers and other plants that will just make this addition to your home that much lovelier.


“1” 8″ tall terracotta pot for the base
“4” 6″ tall pots
“1” 4″-5″ tall pot
62 inch piece of rebar
Spray paint primer. (I used Valspar primer.)
Spray paint in your color choice. (I used Valspar in Exotic Sea.)
Discarded globe from “boob light”.
Little ceramic bird (Optional but uber cute.)
DAP Household/Aquatic Adhesive

So, what do you need to make this combination bird bath and planter design work for your home? Well, you will want to visit your local garden and hardware store where you will find everything you will need. First, you should pick out the right size pots you’ll be using, which should equal six in total. A large pot to serve as your base, smaller pots for the stand, and a medium one to hold your bowl for the bird bath. You will also need some way to anchor each pot to the others, which is where some rebar will come in handy and should be roughly 62 inches in length for this project. For the bowl, you can find a great one with a dome light cover. Then, you’ll just need some primer and paint, DAP adhesive, and a little bird for optional adornment to bring the whole project together.

Decorating your home’s yard can be one of the best ways to express who you are.

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