DIY ProjectsMake a Vertical Trellis Tee Pee To Grow Climbing Vegetables Project

Make a Vertical Trellis Tee Pee To Grow Climbing Vegetables Project


Kiddie Gardens website shares this simple but wonderful way to create a trellis that could encourage children to enjoy time in the garden as well. Many different types of vine vegetables could be grown over this trellis tee pee.

Squash – Patty Pan Squash the saucer-shaped squash is a good producer.
Pumpkins  Jack-Be-Little Pumpkin: More ornamental than edible but quite pretty in fall home decorating and gift giving.
Melons – use a old pair of pantyhose to add extra support as the melon grows
Pole Beans
Scarlet Runner: An 8- to 12-foot variety – red flowers and the beans are edible. Scarlet Runners are ideal for kids’ forts.

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