DIY ProjectsWarming Clay Pot Room Candle Heater DIY Project

Warming Clay Pot Room Candle Heater DIY Project

This Warming Clay Pot Room Candle Heater DIY Project emits a surprising amount of heat that will keep you warm while saving you money.

Warming Clay Pot Room Candle Heater DIY Project

When the temperatures becomes too cold beyond comfort in your home this clay pot heater provides a frugal solution to help warm things up.

It is constructed with basic parts ranging from a flower terra clay pot and base for the basic frame, to a drill used during construction, along with some nuts and washers for its final assembly – all within a convenient budget.

Precaution sare taken to prevent the clay pot from cracking during the construction.

The construction begins by drilling a hole through the base of the clay pot, then moves further on to its assembly with the carriage bolts, nuts and washers loosely tightened to fasten the structure firm. Takinginto consideration, enough space opening between the claypot and its base – for the tea lights, which could be gotten at any big box store – to get in and still be lit.

When it is completed, the tealights are fixed in place inside the claypot and can be lit using a long lighter.

It could take as long as 20 minutes for the heat from the claypot to warm up it’s surrounding, eventually causingits surface to heat up – although not too hot to handle.

This solution in a contrast to other type of heaters – it is cost efficient, is used to heat a single room but it works better in a 6’ radius, this however which makes this winter solution worth considering.

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Melissa Francis
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