CanningWater Bath Canning Lemon Honey Jelly Recipe

Water Bath Canning Lemon Honey Jelly Recipe

This detailed step by step tutorial of water bath canning Lemon Honey Jelly recipe is about capturing golden deliciousness in a mason jar to be enjoyed all year long. Do you like the flavor of Lemon Drops candy ? This recipe may taste a bit sweeter but I don’t think anyone will mind, lol.

Lemon honey jelly can be used to drizzle on top of cheesecake to give it a tangy twist, add a spoonful or two to sweeten your tea, glaze grilled chicken to give zest, spread across pancakes for zingy small bites and smear over cornbread for delicious contrast.

Yes, different lemon varieties will delightfully give you slightly different flavors when used.

Water Bath Canning Lemon Honey Jelly Recipe

Lisbon and Eureka varieties taste tart, acidic flavor we associate with grocery store lemons with bright yellow peel.

Meyer Lemons have a taste like cross between a lemon/orange with thinner smoother skinned, rounder in shape, and have a deeper yellow-orange hue.


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