CanningWater Bath Canning Pineapple Chunks

Water Bath Canning Pineapple Chunks

Water bath canning Pineapple chunks is great way to stock your food pantry when this exotic fruit is on sale at the grocery store. Canning is a practice that’s been a staple task for hundreds of years as a way to preserve food without the benefit of refrigeration and freezing techniques.

Water Bath Canning Pineapple Chunks

Days were spent preparing for this long and arduous process before new equipment as made and the process could take just a few hours of your time. Vegetables from the garden and fruits native to their region,homesteading wives would gather into groups and spend the day going through each step of the canning process, dividing the work between themselves. While they completed this work, they would have the time to catch up with each other and socialize, one of the few times when neighbors could gather and spend time together in those days before telephones and computers.

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As times have changed, so have the reasons for women and eventually men to keep up with this process. With more availability for people as supermarkets started cropping up, the canning process eventually began to lose favor since more and more people began to pour into cities and lived off the conveniences around them rather than their own skills.

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As a way to reminisce about those days, canning has remained one of the truest ways of that tradition. The nicest aspect of canning your own fruits and vegetables is your ability to control what goes into them, keeping them as natural as possible without added sugars and other chemicals to keep them fresh. A great fruit to do this with is pineapple because of the easy process you can find below.

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