Water Veggies Not Weeds With PVC Drip Irrigation

Water veggies not weeds with PVC drip irrigation. When it comes to backyard gardening there is really nothing more important than the watering system you plan to use for your garden. Since you will not have much of garden without being able to supply water to it. With so many different types of watering methods that you can use, it really comes down to your own personal preference. This DIY project will focus on the one that seems to be the most popular these days, drip irrigation.

Water Veggies Not Weeds With PVC Drip Irrigation

Inside this Do It Yourself project is packed with all the information including an easy to follow DIY plan to build your own complete drip irrigation system. Before you get into the building of it the author talks about why they selected drip irrigation over a number of other types of systems. For the most part, there are three good reasons to use a drip type system; cuts down on water usage, directs water right to the plants (cuts down on weeding) and more flexibility.

Benefits of of following the PVC Drip Irrigation System for Your Garden DIY Project

  • Saves you money on watering, less maintenance and very flexible

  • Project includes a list of all materials, supplies and tools needed to get started

  • Has a complete, easy to read and follow step by step instruction guide

Get all the details on how to set yours up from Our Stoney Acres.


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