Food Storage & SkillsAll The Ways You Can Use Powdered Milk

All The Ways You Can Use Powdered Milk

Learn about all the ways you can use powdered milk besides just drinking it. We all remember powdered milk from our childhood when our parents used to make us drink it. However, powdered milk has other uses as well and many people keep it as storage. On the other hand, it is difficult to store dry milk because it is quite sensitive to environmental conditions. It can react to temperature and moisture content. The idea to store dry milk is to keep the nutrients stable while extending the shelf life.

All The Ways You Can Use Powdered Milk

The basic rule to store powdered milk is to keep at a cool place. It is also suggested to keep it in air-conditioning or in a refrigerator. Another rule for storing powdered milk is to keep in dark. Therefore, opaque containers are used to store dry milk. I personally seal mine in quart size Mylar bags with an oxygen absorber and the bags I store in five gallon buckets. This keeps out air, light and pests. The only thing left to worry about is keeping it cool and since I have a basement, that is not a problem. Properly stored powdered milk can be used create several recipes, especially those which use dairy products.

It is quite easy to make whole milk, butter milk, condensed milk or yogurt using stored dry milk without any impact on the taste. In this post from the Preparedness Mama you will see a great conversion chart for using the powdered milk along with some recipes to use it in. This will show you how one can make the most out of stored powdered milk. The author discusses two types of dry milk that can be used as food storage; instant non-fat and regular non-fat. This is a very informative article.

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Paige Raymond
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