Juicing & SmoothiesWays To Use Leftover Pulp From Juicing

Ways To Use Leftover Pulp From Juicing

Ways To Use Leftover Pulp From Juicing

Here is a list of ways to use the leftover pulp after juicing fruits and vegetables. Juicing allows the body to receive highly concentrated amounts of vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and minerals as quickly as possible to enrich a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t waste the leftover pulp, here are interesting  ways to use it.

Ways To Use Leftover Juicing Pulp
Ways To Use Leftover Juicing Pulp
  • Use vegetable pulp in a broth recipe – If you make your own bone broth, toss the vegetable pulp in with the broth to add a deep rich flavor. Strain out the small vegetable pieces when your done.

  • Use vegetable pulp in a veggie broth – Add vegetable pulp to three quarts of water, add your favorite seasonings. Simmer for at forty five minutes or longer then strain.

  • Use vegetable pulp in an omelet, add a little to scrambled eggs or add to a quiche recipe.

  • Use vegetable or fruit (or both) in a smoothie, add it to smoothies for extra fiber.

  • Use fruit pulp to create fruit tea powder – dehydrate it and store in a mason jar then add a teaspoon to a mug of hot water.

  • Use vegetable pulp to create vegetable flours, dehydrate and use like any other flour. Great for breads and muffins.

  • Use vegetable pulp in soups to instantly thicken and add flavor.

  • Use fruit pulp to sweeten hot oatmeal cereal.

  • Use vegetable or fruit (or both) pulp to give your pet a healthy treat sprinkled on it’s food.

  • Use vegetable pulp as a filler in meatballs, burgers, chili, lasagna and casseroles.

  • Use fruit pulp to create delicious popsicles by mixing with water or fruit juice and pouring into molds for a cold treat on a hot day. Appreciated by humans or chickens.

  • Use fruit or vegetable pulp to enrich your outdoor compost pile to create a fertilizer over time.

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Melissa Francis
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