Medical & HealthWays To Help Your Lymph Drainage Work Better

Ways To Help Your Lymph Drainage Work Better

Learn ways to help your lymph drainage work better.  Lymph drainage is the way your body clears cellular waste by clearing it from all around your body and filtering it through the lymph nodes. In the lymph nodes is where white blood cells clean up bacteria and foreign particles and it infections they help to create antibodies to help fight the infection.

Ways To Help Your Lymph Drainage Work Better
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Sometimes our lymphatic system can become sluggish and we won’t feel well. There are ways to help your lymph drain better and Heal You Naturally shares a few. Some are exercises and drinking plenty of water but there are also massages that you can do or get done to help increase lymphatic drainage. This can help you feel better since it helps get rid of all the waste that may be accumulating. Some folks have a lot of swelling in their legs and feet which can be cause by lymph that is not draining well.

When this gets bad it is called lymphedema and is “caused by the lymphatic system becoming blocked or damaged. In the US Breast cancer surgery is the most common reason if removal of lymph nodes is required.” Source. If your feet swell sometimes these ways to help your lymph drainage work better might help you. There is a link to a video for massaging  the lymph in the head area for sinus congestion in the article and I am adding a video below that shows how to do a full body lymphatic drainage massage.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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