DIY ProjectsWet Boots Shoes Air Dryer Electric DIY Project

Wet Boots Shoes Air Dryer Electric DIY Project

This Wet Boots Shoes Air Dryer Electric DIY Project is a great way to get foot wear dry as quickly as possible. Wet seasons of the year means, rain shower and puddles that we walk through.

Wet Boots Shoes Air Dryer Electric DIY Project - Winter _ Homesteading

Getting shoes and boots dry is essential to good healthy foot health. Wet or sweaty shoes are a hotbed of bacteria that can cause feet to smell, itch and develop infections. The solution: a DIY running shoe dryer.

* * * Materials:

• pipes with a ¾ inch diameter and floor flange

• any kind of wooden box

• 120 volt wire

• 12 volt wire 12 volt transformer

• 12 volt fan

• 60 watt light bulb

• lighted 120 volt rocker switch

• lighted 12 volt rocker switch

• assorted fasteners

• lacquer spray

• Plug

1. If you don’t have a ready-made crate or box, build one now. You can make any size or shape you wish. Trim and sand it down. You can use Torx screws to attach the pieces.

2. Drill a ¾ inch hole on the top where the air will flow through.

3. Drill two holes for switches.

4. Cut out opening for the fan.

5. Soften the rough edges with 110 grit sandpaper. Wipe away sawdust with a microfiber cloth. You can use tack cloth to remove any stubborn sawdust. Do a final scrub down with a green steel wool pad.

6. Spray lacquer paint, and leave to dry.

7. Attach the fan and wire it to the switch.

8. Attach the light bulb inside the box and attach to the other switch.

9. Screw on the pipes to make a T shape (the shoes will hang on each end).

To use, just hang your shoe on the pipes. The fan sucks the air into the box and the light bulb heats the air. Shoes will dry in two hours.

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