BeekeepingWhat Colors BEES See and The Colors that Attract Them

What Colors BEES See and The Colors that Attract Them

Come look into what colors bees see and the colors that attract them, it can be a helpful knowledge in the effort to draw them towards beehives. Have you ever wondered how differently other living things see the exact same colors we do? Let’s take bees for example, they have a very limited ability to see and distinguish between different colors.

What Colors BEES See and The Colors that Attract Them

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We as humans see colors in set ways, unless you have one of several disorders that affect your perception of colors. Bees do not see the same colors as we do. This knowledge would be very important to know if you were say, a beekeeper. It could be a potential issue if you were looking to paint the exterior of all your hives and you selected the wrong color.

This article is filled with tons of valuable information that can be used by anyone who is currently in the beekeeping business or possibly considering starting their own colony of bees. The article explains in easy to understand terms how differently bees see color and what would be the best colors and those that you should avoid.

(Courtesy of West Mountain Apiary (CLICK HERE) where a very good write-up about color can be found)

Humans     Honeybees
Red             Black
Yellow         Yellow-Green
Orange        Yellow – Green (darker perhaps than yellow)
Green          Green
Blue             Blue plus Ultraviolet blue
Violet            Blue plus Ultraviolet
Purple          Blue
White           Blue-Green
Black            Black

Benefits of reading the What Colors Do Bees See and the Colors that Attract them Article

● The article contains extremely valuable information that all beekeepers should know

● It includes a list of the most highly recommended colors and those that should be avoided

● Includes several full color photos depicting a few steps of the process

Click here to read about what colors bees see and the colors that attract them:

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