Medical & HealthWhat Compounds Cause Garlic Breath

What Compounds Cause Garlic Breath

This insightful look into the science behind, what compounds cause Garlic breath will help understand this amazing nature’s gift. While many people love the taste of garlic in their food, they know that the negative result will be no one will want to smell their breath. Now, with all that said, how many people do you think know why eating garlic results in such bad breath.

What Compounds Cause Garlic Breath

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I bet if you ask almost anyone to describe the awful smell of garlic breath, you will a wide range of answers. The worst offender is allyl methyl sulfide, which not only causes bad breath but can also add a unique lingering odor to your sweat and urine. The good news is that the smell of garlic goes away once you metabolize the smelly compounds. The bad news is that it can take up to two days for this to happen.

In that sense, then, garlic, like onions, shallots and leeks, is a member of the lily family. Intensely and uniquely flavorful and aromatic, garlic is used in virtually every cuisine in the world and is used in natural remedies because of it’s antibacterial properties.

The answer is buried inside of its chemical makeup and the release of certain chemicals produce the familiar odor. The author of this article wrote it in order to inform its readers of the facts behind it and possibly debunk any myths or false ideas people may have about garlic. The article is written in an easy to read and understand format.

Benefits of reading the What compounds causes garlic breath – the chemistry of garlic article

● The article breakdown exactly what happens to the different compounds as the bulb is chopped/crushed

● According to some studies it is believed that there are some antibacterial benefits from the compounds in garlic

● The article also includes suggestions on things that can help to mitigate the garlic breath

● It includes a diagram that depicts the chemical components of garlic

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