Medical & HealthWhat Role Do Socks Play In Foot Skincare?

What Role Do Socks Play In Foot Skincare?

Your feet get a fairly significant workout all day, every day. From the moment you wake up to when you go back to bed at the end of the day, your feet carry the weight – pun intended – of your complete range of the day’s activities Even if you have a desk job, your feet are still working for you. Imagine how they feel partway through the afternoon after carrying you to your destination, helping you keep your balance while standing or sitting and controlling how you travel to and from work in your vehicle. No wonder it can be such a relief to kick off your shoes at the end of a day. 

The Foot Skincare Problems

 Your feet do so much for you! It should be no surprise that when you don’t take care of them, they start to show signs of wear. Calluses, cracked and dry skin are all signs of hard-working feet that rarely get pampered. Even if you do use a foot moisturizer now and again your feet may still have signs of wear for other reasons. If you frequently wear open-toed shoes and have daily hot showers, your feet are going to rebel against you.

 How To Keep Your Feet Happy

 Before the invention of moisturizing socks (more on those in a moment) creativity pretty much went overboard as those with tired, sore feet literally took matters into their own hands. This meant loads of petroleum jelly, a wrap of cellophane and a pair of socks pulled on and left in place until the following morning. The result? Soft, smooth feet. Then moisturizing socks hit the market and feet have never been so pampered since. 

 The Details On Moisturizing Socks

Moisturizing socks are a popular way to give your feet a break and to keep them from drying out, cracking or developing rough skin patches such as calluses. There are two basic types of moisturizing socks. The choice will depend on your specific needs. First, there are moisturizing socks you pull over feet to which you have already applied a heavy application of lotion. The other type is a sock that contains lotion built into it. Either choice is designed to be worn at night so that your feet get a chance to heal. 

Is Wearing Socks To Bed Good For Your Feet?

The short answer is yes. Wearing socks to bed after you have covered your feet in lotion is an even better idea and here are a few reasons why that is so. 

1 – Your Feet Stay Hydrated

Your feet need to be hydrated. That means all the skin cells in your feet have the proper amount of moisture content. This produces soft, smooth skin. If you already rub lotion in your hands or on your face to prevent cracking and dry skin, the same treatment is required by your feet to prevent the same issues from developing.

2 – Dead Skin Can Be Loosened

When skin is moist, dead skin is a lot easier to peel off and remove. When moisture is held against your feet, it also holds the dead skin. When dead skin is moist, it comes off much easier. This is simple physics and not complicated. 

3 – Your Toenails Get Hydrated

If your feet are going to benefit from the moisture content hydrating skin cells, then your toenails are also going to receive the same benefit. This is even more important if your toenails tend to peel, break or crack. When they are hydrated, toenails become strong and flexible rather than hard and brittle. 

4 – Friction From The Socks Will Help Remove Dead Skin 

Socks that have a lot of texture to them are going to act a little bit like massaging fingers when it comes to the dead skin cells on your feet. We’ve mentioned that moisturizing will loosen the dead skin but now we are telling you that your socks will create enough friction to slough off those layers of dead skin. As gross as that may sound, the upside is that you should wake up in the morning with smoother feet.  

5 – Wearing Socks To Bed At Night Is A Cheap Remedy 

You could get a treatment from a podiatrist that may prescribe a specific antibiotic lotion that will cost you a few bucks or you could save some cash. All you need to do is use a good quality skin lotion or moisturizer and a pair of socks. If you are in the mood for fancy socks to use to help heal your feet, why not take a look at what socks are available HERE. 

6 – You Can Use Virtually Any Cream Product On Your Feet 

When you choose to sleep with socks on, you can use just about any kind of lotion on your feet to receive the benefits listed above. You can use skin oil, body butter, cream, gel, petroleum jelly or moisturizing cream. By applying any of these items to your feet, you are giving them the attention they deserve and wearing socks over the cream will ensure that it is properly soaked up by the skin.

In Conclusion

Your feet do much work for you during an ordinary day. They deserve to be pampered and given a chance to heal from the workout they get. The best way to do this is by applying a moisturizing cream all over your feet and wearing socks over the top of that at night. The lotion will be absorbed by the skin cells in your feet which will help you to remove dead skin, rough spots and repair cracks. By morning, your feet should look and feel better. The skin should be soft to he touch and smooth. The more often you do this, the better your feet will feel. This also happens to be an affordable remedy because all you need is skin cream of some kind and a spare pair of socks. Call it Foot Skincare 101 if you must…because it works.

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Bryan Thomas
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