HomesteadingWhat to Pack When Camping with Dogs

What to Pack When Camping with Dogs

This helpful guide of what to pack when camping with dogs will make sure you are prepared for everything.

If you are an active family that enjoys an outdoor lifestyle and are considering getting a dog, there are some very important things you need to consider first. While most dogs enjoy being outdoors as much as people, they need you to look after them when they are outdoors. If your outdoor activities includes hiking and/or camping, there is a whole laundry list of thing that you need to be very aware of in order to keep your furry friend.

Some of the things that will be discussed later in this article may come to mind easily, while others you may not have even taken into consideration, but they all are very important. Some of them can even save your dog’s life if an emergency comes up.

What to Pack When Camping with Dogs

Tips on how to be best prepared if you plan to take your dog on a trip

● Extra dog food and treats  –   (Buy Here)

● Car seat restraint  –   (Buy Here)

● Collar w/Current ID

● Flea/tick/mosquito preventative collar

● Be sure vaccines are up-to-date

● First Kit w/dog specific supplies  –   (Buy Here)

● Snake bite kit

Things to bring with you on a hiking trip with your dog

Along with the above list of things to take with you, it is very important that your dog is physically fit enough to taking a hike. You would not want to find out the hard way that your dog is not able to walk/run as long as you had hoped. Get them ready for the hike by building up their stamina over a period time by taking them out on extra walks. Below is a list of item specific to hiking:

● Protective booties, these will protect their pads from the rough terrain   –   (Buy Here)

● Extra drinking water with collapsible bowl  –   (Buy Here)

● Sturdy leash and comfortable harness  –   (Buy Here)

● Dog specific sunscreen

● Dog pack suitable for your dog’s size   –   (Buy Here)

Things to bring with you on a camping trip with your dog

Nothing beats being prepared when it comes to ensuring that your dog is able to enjoy the family camping trip. It is important that you provide a safe and comfortable environment for them at all time. Not letting them roam around in an unfamiliar surrounding will help to keep them safe from dangerous, wild animals. Below is a list of items specific for camping:

● Kennel/dog run   –   (Buy Here)

● Leash, both long and short in length   –   (Buy Here)

● Bags for picking up doggie waste   –   (Buy Here)

● Towels specifically for your dog

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