HomesteadingWhats The Difference Between Oxygen Absorbers and Silica Gel

Whats The Difference Between Oxygen Absorbers and Silica Gel

We get asked a lot, if folks can reuse the little silica packets that come in new items from the store like shoes, purses,medications and various other items instead of oxygen absorbers when storing food long term. Well the answer is no you really can’t because they do different things.

Then we get asked well should I use oxygen absorbers and silica packets together for storing food long term? Again the answer is no because they do different things and the silica packets would defeat the oxygen absorbers.

For storing food long term in buckets or mylar bags you should only be using oxygen absorbers. See the difference and understand the process of the two very different products by reading this article by Apartment Prepper on Ready Nutrition.

Bernie Carr
Apartment Prepper

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