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What’s the Strongest Thing to Unclog a Drain?

Almost any plumbing fixture in your home can get clogged. This can include anything from your bathroom sink to the shower and tub to the kitchen sink. Whenever you have to deal with a Blocked Drain Sydney, the first thought that comes to your mind is finding the right product to unclog it. There are different types of fixtures and causes of clogs. So, you will need the right product to unclog the specific type of drain. 

This guide gives you helpful insights into the different causes and the strongest products for each type of clog.

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Some of the most common materials that clog up your drains are as follows:

Grease & Oil

There are different types of food and substances that can mix with oil and grease to build up in the pipes. Foods that don’t readily break down are more likely to do this. This includes:

  • Eggshells
  • Fibrous food
  • Non-food items

These substances can combine together and form a clog in the drain over time. 


Hair is a common factor in clogged drain lines for showers or sinks where you wash your hair. If you regularly wash your hair, comb and cut it over the sink, the water drain will get clogged faster. Soap, when combined with hair and other materials, can also create solid clumps to clog the drain. However, some types of soap bars come with fat or grease in them and they can further complicate things.

Strongest Products to Unclog Drains

Since there are different drains in your home, they will require specific types of products to unclog them. The different options are as follows:

1. Overall – The Drano Max Gel Clog Remover

This is an effective all-around clog remover. It can be used with different types of systems including:

  •  Metal pipes
  • PVC
  • Septic systems
  • Garbage disposals

It has a powerful formula that dissolves most types of clogs.

2. Showers – Pequa Drain Opener

If you need a shower clog remover, this is the strongest product available on the market. This heavy-duty drain cleaner is effective in breaking down clogs made up of wads of hair. It is capable of dissolving all forms of organic matter, including grease and hair.

3. Sinks – Rockwell Invade Bio Drain Gel

When your kitchen sink gets blocked, the Invade Bio Drain Gel may just be the right solution for the problem. It stands out for its citrus smell and works by cutting through different types of organic matter. Besides improving the quality of odour in your kitchen, this product also eliminates drain flies.

4. Garbage Disposal – Green Gobbler Refresh

When it comes to unclogging garbage disposal drains, you may not need a heavy-duty drain opener. It is likely to cause damage to the system. The Green Gobbler Refresh can be just the right product for you. Instead of using powerful chemicals, it uses a special formulation of bacteria that will break down the food particles, oils, grease, and fats. 

So, these are some of the best products you can use to unclog drains in your home. However, even the strongest product has its limitation. There will be situations where only the professional expertise of Plumbers Sydney can provide a solution to complex problems.

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Heather Jones
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