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Where To Order Italian Food From During Coronavirus

Are you trying to avoid your favorite Italian cuisine due to the fear of Coronavirus? Well, precautions are required, and that is what the best restaurant chains are doing for you. Regular checkups of staff and their hygiene to safe cookery and contactless delivery are the new tasks added in the food chains’ preference. You must have seen the delivery guys leaving your parcel and standing six feet apart.

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The famous restaurant chains, including Domino’s, Pizza hut, Papa John’s, McDonald’s, are all up with their promises to keep you safe and keep your expenses low in this pandemic situation. Users can order delicious pizzas and can save 25% with Papa John’s promo code or can check out existing  ‘Buy One and Get One Free’ deal.

Places You May Prefer While Ordering Food During Coronavirus

Why don’t you try Italian foods from the restaurants that are taking enough measures to keep you safe? We have some suggestions which seem safe and simultaneously easy on your pocket. 


What must be your favorite in Italian food, Pizza? And what’s the favorite destination to stop that craving for pizzas, Domino’s? Whatever your pick-up is from those ten vegetables, seven cheese, nine sauces, eight types of meat, and five crusts that it caters, the American food chain ensures at every stage to serve you with a safe pizza baked and delivered from the staff recruited after thorough checkup which is following 20 second-hand wash protocol regularly. A contactless delivery and takeaway are the things added in Domino’s new normal.

You will definitely like a pizza, some sides, and coke when the safety is all in place with a 50% discount on the order. 

Pizza Hut

What can be next, other than Pizza Hut? The options here can be less in comparison to Domino’s, but you cannot deny some of its unique offerings like Pizza stuffed with Garlic knots around the crust, and the sides such as breadsticks hold the potential to grab the crowd.

The restaurant chain is moving shoulder to shoulder with our first option when it comes to protecting its customers from the inevitable Coronavirus. When the contactless delivery became a must in these days, online and contactless payments, a safe distance at the workplace, regular checkups, and sanitization are added things in doubled down safety measures that Pizza Hut has brought.

 The deals here can amaze you to the extent where you will right away order a pizza. Buy One Get One Free deal, and the $5 Lineup Deal will surely rock your day in these dull days.

Papa John’s

Here comes the most recognized brand at your place. The specialty of the place remains on the tongue of the customers, and they can hardly resist their comeback to the food place. From specialty, we must have reminded you of the Hot Honey Chicken and Waffles Pizzas and Extra Cheesy Alfredo Pizza with a parmesan crust. Yes, you obviously cannot forget the cheese sticks with a dipping sauce, which solely has a great fan base.

Well, this renowned caterer is no way less than other food chains to keep its customers and staff safe and promises to follow the measures suggested by the authorities.


The brand has adored the Italian food in its way, and the uniqueness here brings a party in the mouth. Are we not sounding real? Well then taste the ‘Chizza’ form the cookery that remains in the heart for its chicken preference. Chizza is pizza right from KFC’s door, which gets prepared on a huge piece of fried chicken. The Mac & Cheese pasta needs no introduction, and if you need one, order and get the delicious taste introduced.

For the protection guard against Coronavirus, KFC has put forth its X Safety Promises that includes Screening, Social Distancing, Sanitization, Contactless, which is more of like the other chains. 

The delay in ordering the special Pizza and pasta from KFC must be avoided when you hear about the $5 Fill Ups offer, where you can add five things from the KFC menu at just $5.


The Coronavirus indeed brought a new normal, and there are ways around apart from passing up from your all favorite food. If our suggestions seem convincing, then pick up your phone, add your favorite Italian food from the delicious menu. Before hitting out the button for order confirmation, remember to add the deal to drop down the load on your wallet- all these without stepping out from your home and taking the risk of hovering COVID 19. The sterile lusciousness will soon hit your door with a masked and gloved hands guy! Sit back and relax, let the happiness come to you!


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