Which Equipment To Rent Rather Than Buy For A 3 Acre Homestead


       If you own a homestead or plan to own a homestead which equipment do you own or do you rent some and own some. Pioneer Thinking shares their thoughts on which equipment you should rent rather than buy for your homestead. While explaining that if you have a lot of lawn that needs to be mowed it is probably a good idea to purchase a lawn tractor because even two acres of lawn could run you ragged trying to use a push mower in spring and early summer when there is plenty of rain and the grass needs cut often. But the rototiller to turn the garden soil is pretty much only used once in the spring and it may be a good idea to rent rather than buy it. This is good info for anyone that is planning to buy land and live on it. Then you will at least have some idea of what purchases you will need to make just to take care of the land and which ones you can probably get by with just renting.



Read more>>>>    http://pioneerthinking.com/raisinglivestock/equipment-for-homestead



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