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Which kind of Wood is most Durable and Reliable for doors

Doors are an essential part of a house, interior and exterior, but their use is not only practical. Doors have an aesthetic contribution too. They do provide privacy, safety from natural elements and support heating and cooling designs of a house, but it cannot be avoided that they also become an aesthetic part of a home. 

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 Wooden doors are most popular due to their cost and versatility in design and material. For exterior wood doors, durability and strength matter most, while for interior doors the function of insulation and durability matters. It becomes essential to look beyond the design of the door and choose the best type of Wood, that would suit a myriad of needs. 

Wooden doors are generally made of durable wood types, but some are just better than others. Besides being durable, wooden doors should also be decay-resistant (especially for main house doors or bathroom doors), adaptable to seasonal changes with a minimal amount of swelling and shrinking of the door. There are always certain kinds of Wood that are best suitable for the climate, and you need to consult an expert to understand what wooden material is best for your region. 

Here are four types of Wood that have become very popular over the years. 

White Oak 

One of the best options is the White Oak, famous for its durability, versatile function and style. It is suitable for living rooms, children’s room, bathrooms and recreational rooms of a house. Internal Oak doors can be found in abundance in the market in various styles. 

  • White Oak is almost waterproof. 
  • It does not decay quickly and is resistant to cracking. 
  • It has a symmetrical grain and no knotting making it easier to be painted. 
  • A variety of shades are available in White Oak ranging from pale yellows to rich browns. 


Another popular wood is poplar. Suitable for internal doors, the only drawback is it doesn’t come in a variety of grains. 

  • It is cost-effective. 
  • Poplar is medium density wood, which makes it an excellent choice for heat and sound insulation. 
  • It is also easy to paint and stain, but the dark grain can be difficult to stain. 
  • It is available in a wide range of yellows and white. 


 A popular choice is the Chery because of its wavy grain and its ageing abilities. Cherry wood turns light as much as it is exposed to light which is why it is a better choice for internal doors than the exterior. 

  • It is a medium-strength wood. 
  • It is resistant to warping and most kinds of damage. 
  • It is easy to stain. 

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood doors are made up of a core of engineered woods with an exterior of a treated thin sheet of wood veneer.

  • It is durable and strong. 
  • It is resistant to cracking and provides insulation. 
  • It is available in various finishes and can be stained well. 


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