Wild Food ForagingWild Food Foraging and Harvesting Hawthorn Berries

Wild Food Foraging and Harvesting Hawthorn Berries

Learning the process of wild food foraging and harvesting Hawthorn berries that can then be used in cooking is another resource to use frugally feed your family. With the information below, you will have the facts you need for picking the right hawthorns through the proper identification of them along with the knowledge you will need and want as you explore the different reasons why hawthorn berries are a great source of nutritious benefits for our health.
Wild Food Foraging and Harvesting Hawthorn Berries

The first thing you need to know about the Hawthorn berries is you should not eat the seeds. They contain cyanide bonded with sugar, called amygdalin. In your gut — actually small intestine — that changes to hydrogen cyanide and can be deadly. You can cook the berries then discard the seeds, but don’t eat the seeds. I recently saw a recipe on the internet that called for using hawthorne berries whole. Clearly that cook never made that pie, or if she did, only once. Don’t eat Hawthorne seeds. If you eat the raw berries spit the seeds out. If an adult mistakenly eats one or two seeds they aren’t deadly but they could be to a child as quoted by Eat The Weeds website.

Making your own extracts is a great way to build up your spice cabinet while also teaching yourself new skills that will save you money at the grocery store. With so many different extracts for cooking and other uses, you will have fun just picking out the ones that you’d like to try. The one that you might find the most interesting and healthiest to try out at some time is a hawthorn extract.

With so many different species of hawthorns within the United States and the North American region, you will have your choice on which hawthorns you will want to use for the extract you plan to make.

To make the best choices in the hawthorn berries you want for your extract, such as how the seeds can not be eaten as well as how to make the extract itself.

When it comes to making the extract, you won’t need much to start the extraction process. In fact, all you need is a canning jar, the berries, and some 80 proof vodka to get the process started. After that, it’s just a matter of waiting until the extraction process has completed itself, which will pass faster than you can imagine.

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