Wild Food Foraging: Stinging Nettles Recipes


Wild Food Foraging: Stinging Nettles Recipe

There are many plants growing in the wild (nature) that nutritious, taste great and can lower your grocery bill if your willing to learn the art of wild food foraging. Stinging Nettles flavor is similar to Spinach and cucumber when cooked.

You can find Sting Nettles   in moist sites along streams, open forests, and ditches, on mountain slopes, in woodland clearings, and in disturbed areas such as roadsides and old fields.  Stinging nettle generally grows moist, nitrogen-rich areas, preferring open, rich forests.

Always wear gloves when collecting because Stinging Nettles (yeah, the name says it all) but when cooked the stingers melt away.

It can be used to treat treatment of disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, locomotor system, skin, cardio-vascular system, hemorrhage, flu, rheumatism, gout and arthritis when leaves are drank in a tea.

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Wild Food Foraging: Stinging Nettles Recipes
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