RecipesWild Rose Infused Honey

Wild Rose Infused Honey

If you have roses growing near you, especially wild roses you can take advantage of them right now and make some rose infused honey.

Wild Rose Infused Honey

Make sure that you pick and make lots of infused honey because the wild roses will soon be done blooming until next year.  Look at how incredible pretty the honey is with the rose petals adding color to whatever you put the honey on. Brighten up your toast or biscuit. Serve rosy waffles or rose petal decorated ice cream. What ever you use honey for this will make it special. It is pretty easy to make the rose infused honey and doesn’t require any skills or cooking. The biggest part of making it is the picking of the rose petals. If you are going to pick wild petals make sure to shake or tap each flower first as many insects eat in them and you want to leave the insects behind.

Before you go out picking the petals, decide how much infused honey you want to make and then which jars you will be using. You will need enough rose petals to fill without cramming them in each of the jars. If there are no wild roses in your area you can use roses from a flower bed as long as they have not been sprayed with pesticides and they do need to have a lot of scent because that is what will infuse into your honey.. This would make a great gift to someone for a birthday or at Christmas. A sweet gift made by hand is always appreciated.  The tutorial for making wild rose infused honey is from Learning Herbs. If you enjoy making food from edible flowers you will probably like Delicious Rose and Peony Jelly Recipes.

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Paige Raymond
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