Winners Have Been Picked !


Project0 We picked twenty names from the comments that entered the The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide & More Giveaway.

I wrote the names on a small pieces of paper then had a eight year old cute little girl ” Holly ” pick the five winners from a big bowl.

I had girlfriend visiting & chatting over cups of tea so I was able to hire Holly for a cookie, LOL.

Here are your lucky winners:

* Belinda Bartley

* Diane D Bennett

* Joshua Saunders

* Kelly M Habetler

* Jeremy Beasley

I have sent each winner a friend’s request and sent a ” Congratulations, your a winner ” message.

Please respond to the message so I can send out your prizes.

The Homestead Survival tries to hold at least one GIVEAWAY per month because we appreciate you as a reader. We are sorry we only had five prizes to give away because thousands and thousands of people entered.


The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide


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