Food Storage & SkillsWinter is the Time to Cold Smoke Meats

Winter is the Time to Cold Smoke Meats

If you have been thinking of getting into the lost art of cold smoking meats this article will show you how its done. Cold smoking meats helps them to keep for a really long time because the moisture is gone from the fats and it is done over a period of time without any heat. Since the meat is salted on the outside this helps draw the moisture out while the cold smoke helps to seal in that delicious smokey flavor.

Winter is the Time to Cold Smoke Meats


In cold smoking you have a small building (smoke house) and the meat is salted and hung in there. Then best practice for the smoke is to have the fire outside and use piping to funnel the smoke into the smoke house. This way the smoke is all that gets to the meat, none of the heat. In this article from Meats and Sausages and two super interesting videos from Kyafield where he meets up with Bill Dixon in Kentucky and Bill walks us through the process of cold smoking meats. He tells us in the video that he had a ham that hung in the smokehouse for 7 years and the last of the meat from it was still just as delicious as it was 7 years earlier. I found this whole process fascinating and I am sure lots of folks will as well and it is always nice to see some of the ways our ancestors did things.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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