DIY ProjectsWood Behind Sofa Table with Power Source DIY Project

Wood Behind Sofa Table with Power Source DIY Project

This Wood Behind Sofa Table with Power Source DIY Project is a great weekend (six hours total) project that really is a rustic inexpensive, sturdy and much needed piece of furniture.

Wood Behind Sofa Table with Power Source DIY Project - The Homestead Survival - Homesteading Furniture

When it comes to getting new furniture for the home, people look to IKEA and the easy-to-construct pieces that blend in. However, not everyone is a fan of IKEA and not everyone has the money for fancy furniture.

This is where the do it yourself homesteaders think of building something themselves. Here is one for a sofa table.

First, estimate the size of the table that you will put in front of your sofa. It should be the same height as your legs and one feet shorter along the sides. For example, an 8 inch wide table made without taking up too much floor space should be enough for a 10-foot couch. For support, you may consider two 2×2 legs at either end of a board plus one pair in the middle; the cross pieces should end in the middle about six inches apart. Just clamp the jig to the piece, drill through the guide holes, and put an angled hole exactly where you want it. When the screw is attached, it will be hidden and putty can go over it.

Then, there is the top surface which should be painted in the right tone with the sofa and the rest of the room. Paint it, wax it down, and let it dry. It will be nice and smooth. But, you should drill holes for the outlets and cords that will go through it. You can hide the wiring when you put it along the wall, making it very convenient when sticking a charger through. It will look like a pre-made table when finished, but you can be proud that it was made by hand.

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Melissa Francis
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