CraftsWood Burning Pyrography Design DIY Project

Wood Burning Pyrography Design DIY Project

This wood burning pyrography design diy project is a perfect creative artform for a homesteader. A person can add beautifully crafted images from simple to elaborate upon wood furniture, kitchen cabinets and homemade inspirational living signs (small business maybe ?).

Wood Burning Pyrography Design DIY Project

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Wood burning does not necessarily mean making a bonfire, but it also can refer to pyrography, making art out of wood or other substances with certain burns. In Greek, it’s “writing with fire,” or, in this case, drawing with fire.

A lot of art from this reflects nature itself, but it can make other things and be colorful too using acrylic paint. With some sandpaper, tracing paper, a light paintbrush, masking tape, and an eraser, wood burning can be created beautifully.

There are four points – cone, flow, shading, and universal – in wood burning and two tips – curved and straight – in burning a stencil. The cone is a small, rounded tip, the flow is a bigger rounded end, the shading touches up the surface with specific marks, and universal is a thick, straight line. With these points, it should be useful to experiment with them.

To start, create pattern or draw a line for the image being made with grey graphite and transfer it to the raw wood canvas being used; usually a stylus will do, but others use a dead ballpoint pen or the handle of a paintbrush. Retrace it until the whole pattern is transferred to the wooden canvas. Turn on the tip and let it heat up for 10 minutes; it will get very hot, so be extra careful when working with it. A pictorial essay shows the art of dandelion drawing in this method with all the points being used and burned marks replacing ink.

Thin the paint before using it for that watercolor look. With the paintbrush, touch it up very carefully in the gaps. The final result is a beautiful work of art, all out of wood, burning the edges like ice sculpting.

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