DIY ProjectsWood Fired Pizza Oven Homesteading DIY Project

Wood Fired Pizza Oven Homesteading DIY Project

How to build wood fired pizza oven homesteading diy project

Wood Fired Pizza Oven Homesteading DIY Project

First thing to consider is to decide where to the oven will sit because it will sit forever when it is built. Pick a space that is open wide, preferably in a place where sunlight easily shines.

Materials to build this pizza oven:

~ 30 bricks

~ 20 breeze blocks

~ 10 pounds of cement

~ bags of rock

~ 10 to 14 “20 pounds” bags of builder’s sand

~ 275 pounds of clay

~ 45 pounds wood flakes

~ glass bottles

The construction of the pizza oven is extremely tedious and time consuming. But, before it can be built, the clay has to be mixed with sand. It should be done in batches. The first layer will take three buckets of clay and sixty liters of buckets of sand.

The second layer requires four buckets of clay and eight liters of sand. Mix it with the boots to wear rather than by hand.

Pour the sand on the large plastic sheet, break up the clay into small pieces and, wearing the same boots, mix it up with a little bit of water in it. When a ball-sized piece holds together after dropping it from four feet, the mix is ready to use.

~ Tools you will need…

~ Wheelbarrow

~ Tape measure

~ Large heavy-duty plastic or tarpaulin sheet

~ electric drill with long wood screws

~ Plenty of water

~ Old kitchen knife

~ Heavy duty gloves

~ 10 litre builder’s plastic bucket

~ Wellington boots

~ Lots of newspaper

The construction of the wood-fired pizza oven will take several hours in total. Read the instructions and time carefully. When it is finished, stick newspaper inside with some pieces of wood and light it up. Let it build up by adding more wood. Cook away!

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