DIY ProjectsWood Heated Soaking Hot Tub DIY Project

Wood Heated Soaking Hot Tub DIY Project

This Wood Heated Soaking Hot Tub DIY Project is actually not a hard project to accomplish, even more frugal if you aquire a used metal bath tub and is a pure joy to soak in.

Wood Heated Soaking Hot Tub DIY Project - Homesteading

I had the pleasure of soaking in a wood fired bathtub on a friend’s homestead property. To be honest, I was a little timid at first. I agreed to a nighttime soak and it turned out to be in the top 10 experiences in my wandering adventures. The warmth of the water on my weary bones, the night sounds of nature (if you are quiet) and the glorious shooting stars night sky show was full of “OH’s” and “Awe’s” spoken from my mouth.

There is camping under the stars, and then there … is sitting in a hot tub outside on your own property looking at the stars. That is an interesting project for those with basic building experience, labor power, and the will to enjoy this comfort.

It involves not electrical power to heat the water, but by the traditionally burning firewood to heat to copper coiled pipes. The idea of this pump is heating water inside will be pushed through a pipe that is surrounded with coil that can heat up quickly.
Get the following tools for this incredible project: a drill, hole saw, hammer, pipe cutters, pliers, instant thermometer, and a glue gun. In materials, get a 15-millimeter piece of copper coil and tank connectors, silicone glue, a jointing plumber piece, and, the most important piece of this project, a bathtub. A normal size metal bathtub will do.


~ Cordless Drill

~ Hole Saw

~ Pipe cutter

~ 2 pairs of Pliers

~ Hammer

~ Thermometer

Sealant gun (caulking)

Fittings and materials:

~ Metal or cast iron bath tub

~ Copper coil

~ Tank connectors

Silicone sealant

Plumbers jointing compound

Wood Heated Soaking Hot Tub DIY Project - Homesteading

Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater – Aluminum 70,000 BTU – (Buy Here from Amazon)

Learn how to wrap the pipe with the copper coil and do so carefully and install it through the holes made inside the tub. There are plenty of nuts, bolts, a rubber piece, and glue to be used in the connection process.

This is a focused process in reassembling each piece carefully and using glue to keep it still.

The fire pit itself will be metallic or stone, but the bath tub should have some space from the base of the fire so the tub does not burn.

The fire will be ignited in the coil’s center and have it get to the firewood. Have the thermometer in the tub to see how the water goes. It is a case of trial and error to get it right, but the tub is warmed up for use – just don’t make it scolding.

Grab a drink, up your hair up and look at the night sky full of stars… enjoy nature.

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Melissa Francis
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