DIY ProjectsWood L Shaped Bench with Underneath Storage DIY Project

Wood L Shaped Bench with Underneath Storage DIY Project

This Wood L Shaped Bench with Underneath Storage DIY Project is a fantastic idea to drawn the family and friends outside to talk, laugh and enjoy nature. You can build it in a single weekend for far less than you can buy it plus it is truly yours…. your creativity and hard work.

Wood L Shaped Bench with Underneath Storage DIY Project

Whether you have romantic visions or you’d like to have something to sit on while looking over the yard, this bench has got you covered. Building a bench on your deck is easy when you know what you are looking for.

The first step is to measure your deck and figure out what you want to be building as well. When you map all of that out you can begin a rough sketch for how you want things to be looking. For the sake of example let’s say the deck we have is large enough to hold an L-shaped banquette. 24 inches deep, 16 inches high and one side 8 feet long while the shorter side is 40 inches.

Once you have your dimensions, the next thing is to figure out how much material you need. That means how many pieces of plywood, planks, or 2x4s is crucial.

Once you figure it out you can start to assemble the rough framework of your bench. In our example we’d set the framework, then apply the plywood followed by wood strips around each edge. After that we would need to keep them all connected which you could use construction glue or hinges to keep it all together.

This is only the starting work for building your own outdoor bench. If you have an architect or someone who is into outdoor work they can help you further in setting up your bench properly. That being said, once you have the construction put together some things you can consider are things like painting, adding rails and even working on other things on your deck to spruce it up as well.

For a more casual look, this charming bench is perfect for any home decor. The long rectangular bench has solid feet that provides maximum support and stability. Seating capacity of 4-6 people and can be used to accentuate your outdoor living space.

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