DIY ProjectsWood Pallet Compact Chicken Coop DIY Project

Wood Pallet Compact Chicken Coop DIY Project

This wood pallet compact chicken coop diy project is detailed in this step by step tutorial using frugal building materials. When gathering those wood pallets, be sure to look for the stamped “HT” which means “Heat Treated”. The good news is that 80% of all wood pallets are heat treated.

Wood Pallet Compact Chicken Coop DIY Project
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There is no limit to innovation and creativity as long as you can think deeply. This article is about how to make a chicken coop from a pile of pallets that must have been discarded somewhere. The writer actually found the pallets in the car park of an industrial unit.

They were given to him free of charge. Obviously, they would have been disposed if he didn’t come for them. This should get you thinking. You should take the time to think things through before discarding anything as they may be useful later.

The only wood he had to buy is the one he used for the main frame work. He also had to buy wire mesh for the run and he bought a few items for the roof. Do you know how much a coop will cost if he had gone to buy it or have a carpenter construct it for him?

Wood Pallet Compact Chicken Coop DIY Project
If you do not want to build one yourself then this: Wooden Chicken Coop W/ Outdoor Run – (Buy Here)

However, he did a good job and you can also do it too. It is about being creative enough. Please take the time to read the full details and most importantly, share it immediately after.

Apart from that, ready-made coops would not offer the customization he got from this because he made it by himself. The coop came out so beautiful and strong. While it seems like the writer already had some carpentry skills, you can’t be too sure as he didn’t mention it.

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